what now?another boring life report?
Just got this pic from my cousin who study in UK. She's just entering her A level there and I really wish that I could visit her someday and maybe make a life report from there :)
I post her pic because of her shoes, it makes statement of her fashion style and I love how she combined the shocking pink shoes and the bright yellow shocks :) it brighten the gloomy cold autumn in UK I guess. You don't have to wear gloomy monochrome outfits in autumn, wear something bright to brighten your autumn days. me myself not a big fan of bright color but I think it's nice to wear something bright to match your monochromatic gloomy outfit :)

*tips: don't like bright outfits? try bright color on shoes, bag or accessories,I love red shoes or red bags to brighten my gloomy outfits ;)


I knew my birthday has passed me but I don't think it's a crime to share birthday dream don't you think so?
I always want to have afternoon tea bday bash with my bestfriends, just a small but chic tea party :) where everyone dress up in colorful cocktail dress and wear adorable head accesorries..ahhh you should visit my bestfriend's blog www.dailyriema.blogspot.com she's a very talented designer, you can order customised accesorries from her and believe me all her creations are totally awesome!

here's my afternoon tea dream birthday :)


I just got the pic from one of my bestfriend in Perth. She's attended Perth Fashion Festival yesterday. Her report is Perth Fashion Festival is average :( tooo Bad! Maybe next year they can arrange a better Fashion Festival?
here's the pic of my bestfriend..she looks stunning! I love her shirt dress and her green shawl :) the simple coat match the "make statement" green shawl creates a chic combination don't you think so?

ok i'm done now...don't forget to give your best comment on my post :)